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Report Card:
2018 Accountability:  Overall
2018-2019 Report Card

2018 Federal Report Card
2017 Federal Report Card

2016-2017 School Report Card
2016-2017 Texas Academic Performance Report
2015-2016 Texas Academic Performance Report
2014-2015 Texas Performance Reporting System
2015 - Texas Education Agency - Charter School Performance (CSPF)Charter School Performance (CSPF)

2015 Snapshot:



2012  Recognized    
2013  Met Standard      
2014  Met Standard     
2015  Met Standard    
2016  Met Standard    
2017  Met Standard
2018  Met Standard

Our accountability rating is as follows:
Fine Arts programs  Exemplary
Wellness and Physical Education  Exemplary
Community and Parent Involvement  Exemplary
21st Century Workforce Development programs  Recognized
Second Language Acquisition program   Not Applicable
Digital Learning Environment   Recognized
Dropout Prevention programs  Exemplary
Educational Program for GT students   Not Applicable

Overall rating  Exemplary

Dual enrollment courses are offered through the University of Texas Permian Basin