About Treetops School


Treetops School International is an Open Enrollment Public Charter School accredited by the Texas Education Agency.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster intellectual development and academic achievement by providing a school centered around challenging and interactive learning experiences that consistently bridge traditional disciplines. Essential to the achievement of this mission is the establishment of a community of learning—a community built upon the values of personal responsibility, consideration for others, respect for the environment, academic integrity, and perseverance. 

This mission is reflected in our statement of purpose: 

"Our mission is to inspire students to climb to new heights in service, character, and education by creating a positive, safe community.” 

Character Education 

Treetops School International (“the school”) seeks to develop the whole person. Character education is foundational to the development of student leaders and is not limited to a “program” or “curriculum.” Character development includes modeling from teachers and staff. The school seeks qualified faculty and staff who are not only outstanding employees but also stellar individuals and role models who are willing and able to teach students appropriate behavior and character qualities. 

Strong Academics 

Intellectual development is a critical concept for future success. The school prioritizes academics through providing qualified teachers, effective teaching strategies, continual professional development, a safe and orderly learning environment, and vertically- and horizontally-aligned curriculum.

School History  

Treetops School International was founded as a private school in 1969 and converted to a charter school in 1998. The campus has been developed as a more natural and nature-oriented 20 acre opportunity for learning.

Our Curriculum and Assessments

We use The TEKS Resource System (TRS), a systematic K-12 curriculum model designed, maintained, and continuously developed by a collaborative of Texas Education Service Center personnel and exemplary educators. All curriculum documents, resources, and assessment items are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

We administer the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) annually in the following grades and subjects:

  • reading and mathematics, grades 3–8
  • science at grades 5 and 8
  • social studies at grade 8
  • end-of-course (EOC) assessments for high school English I, English II, Algebra I, biology and U.S history.

Our Campus Grounds

We are a 20 acre campus with multiple outdoor play areas under the shade of our many trees.  Our students and faculty eat lunch outside every day.  Nature hikes and observing the outdoors is an integrated part of our classroom culture.

Admissions Policy

Admission and enrollment of students shall be open to persons who reside within the geographic boundaries stated in the school’s charter, and who are eligible for admission based on lawful criteria identified in the charter and in state law. Students wanting to attend Treetops School must submit an application during the school’s open enrollment period, which takes place during the month of April each year, or as otherwise set by the administration. Please visit our Admissions Page (link to Admissions Process) for more detailed information.