As of 08/10/2022:   New DSHS and TEA Guidance

As I am certain you have all seen, DSHS and TEA have updated their communicable disease/exclusions chart and the readmission criteria for COVID. They have changed the isolation period to 5 days (past either symptom onset or test date if asymptomatic) instead of 10 days for this year. We are still working on updating our guidance to include this new development but we will get it out to you soon. As a reminder, the CDC 5-day isolation guidance requires that the COVID positive individuals wear a mask for the remaining 5 days of their isolation period if they are going to leave isolation. While I do not yet have the full guidance document ready to distribute, TCPH is still going to recommend a 10-day isolation period if you cannot guarantee that the COVID positive individual will wear a mask, per CDC isolation guidance.


Treetops COVID Response Protocol: 

As a public school, Treetops must follow guidelines provided by Governor Abbott and the Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath.

Treetops will strongly recommend all unvaccinated students and personnel wear masks. Treetops will not be offering any remote instruction/learning this year. Like any other illness, students absent due to COVID will be assigned make-up work.

This is a fluid plan that will be adjusted when and if the guidelines change.  8/10/2022