Arriving At and Leaving School

School Hours

The earliest your child may be brought to school is 7:40 a.m. Our school hours are as follows:

Kindergarten and 1st: 7:35 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
2nd-4th Grades: 7:55 a.m. –3:30 p.m.
5th–12th Grades: 7:55 a.m.–3:45 p.m.

Parking Lot Procedures

Treetops’ parking lot procedure requires cooperation from all drivers to ensure a safe, smooth pick-up and drop-off of students. For purposes of traffic flow, drop-off times for all students are 7:40–7:55 a.m. Because of staggered release times, there are three pick-up time ranges:

Kindergarten and First: 3:05 p.m.
2nd-4th : 3:25
5th-12th : 3:40 p.m.

Siblings of students that get dismissed prior to their older siblings may stay on campus in their grade clusters until 10 minutes before their older siblings are dismissed.  Younger siblings need to be picked up at their building.  EXCEPTIONS - to aid in traffic flow Kinder and firsts with siblings that dismiss at 3:15 will be walked to elementary building and 2nd through 4th with older siblings that dismiss at 3:45 will be walked to the high school building.  Carpools have the same privilege, but ONLY on carpool days.  On non carpool days, students MUST be picked up at their regular dismissal time.

 Lining up for drop off and pickup

Drop off/Pickup:  Teachers will be on duty at 7:40 am to unload cars. KG teachers unload one car at a time.  1st-12th will unload two to three cars at a time. They will open the rear passenger door for your child.
Students need to have their belongings in the car and easy access as to not hold up the carpool line (NOT IN THE TRUNK). This is the same procedure for drop off, just reversed.

KG drop off/pickup- Line starts after the last teacher parking space.

1st-4th drop off/pickup- Line starts against chain link fence about a car length away from rain cover.

5th-12th drop off/pickup- If arriving and waiting before 7:40 and/or before 3:40, please start line on shoulder on S. Pipeline without blocking the entrance. This allows for staff and student drivers to park in their designated areas. A teacher will wave you into the drive when they are ready for the line to start. Students exit passenger side of car only.  

Tardies - Tardiness affects classroom instruction. Late students and parent are required to visit the office to get a tardy slip, sign the check-in log and then escort them into class. If they are KG-3rd grade, the parent must also get a visitor's badge and walk them INTO the building. Every six tardies equals one absence.

Absence - Students must be in attendance 90% of each class to receive credit. Please email or send a note with your child the day they return to school from an absence. Students will be marked as an unexcused absence and will not be able to make up their work if an excuse note is not brought by the 2nd day of their return. Planned absences require all assignments to be turned in the day your student returns to school.  We understand some sicknesses may not require a doctor's attention, but if it is more than a 3 day absence we suggest that you obtain a doctor's note. City of Fort Worth truancy tickets will be written for excessive unexcused absences.
 Late Pickup
Please call the office if you  know you are going to be late picking your child up.  ALL late pickups require the parent to come to the office, sign the late pickup log and receive a visitor's badge. Child Protective Services will be called for excessive late pickups.

Posted on the website is information about faculty and staff, general information, Parent Portal, parent/student handbook, supply lists, teacher wishlists, and calendar. If you do not have a computer at home or access at work, your public library is an option.
We use email as our primary source of communication. If you do not have email, please call the office ans ask to be transferred to your student's teacher's Voicemail so that they may call you back at their next available time.
Co-op Hours
Treetops is a parent/teacher cooperative. We ask that each family donate 60 hours of their time to the school. This may be done in a multitude of ways such as helping teachers in classrooms, driving on field trips, and helping with supplies and cleaning.  Check out the teachers wishlists listed on our website under “How You Can Help” or make a flat donation. All volunteers must pass a criminal background check and obtain a visitor’s sticker from the office. Please fill out a co-op sheet the DAY you do the work and have a teacher sign it and bring it to the office.   Questions concerning co-op are directed to Ms. Renee at  or the office (817-283-1771). Criminal Background forms are available online under "How You Can Help."  Teacher Wish lists will be on teacher sites AND under the Wish List section.
Visiting the campus
Every person who visits is required to have a visitor badge.

Please send a nutritious lunch and a reusable water bottles EVERY day. Soft drinks, energy drinks, juice, and drink mixes are prohibited.  Parents bringing anything other than a sack lunch is not allowed.
Dress code
Tennis shoes and socks-EVERY day by KG-8th grade students;  as they have PE every day and we have a 20 acre campus that we utilize. High school students that are enrolled in a PE class must wear or bring socks and tennis shoes. More specific dress code rules can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.
Electronic and Telecommunications Devices
Electronic and telecommunication devices are a major source of distraction in the classroom, therefore, students are not allowed to bring any electronic devices to school. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, cameras (digital or film), music players of any kind, video players, hand-held video/computer games,etc.  If your student drives, he/she may leave the devices in their car. Students that need to have a cell phone due to after school activities may give their cell phone to their teacher to hold until dismissal.  Students found in possession of any such device will have the device confiscated and retrieval is as follows:
•     First Offense: the student may retrieve the device from the office upon payment of a $15.00 fine.
•     Second Offense: a parent must retrieve the device from the office upon payment of a $30.00 fine.
•     Third Offense:  a parent must retrieve the device from the office upon payment of a $40.00 fine.

Any device not retrieved within thirty days from the date of confiscation will be donated to the Women’s Shelter of Tarrant County.
*Calculators and certain other devices required for specific classes are exceptions. However, any item that is misused will be subject to the above policy.

Grading System
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
below 70 is failing
(Click on full student handbook at bottom of page for table conversion of students transferring in with letter grades)

You may view your child's grades and attendance any time on Parent Portal 1st-12th grades.
High School Transcripts

Regular Course- 100=4.0, 99=3.9, 98=3.8, 97=3.7, 96=3.6, 95=3.5, 94=3.4, 93=3.3, 92=3.2, 91=3.1, 90=3.0, 89=2.9, 88=2.8, 87=2.7, 86=2.6, 85=2.5, 84=2.4, 83=2.3, 82=2.2, 81=2.1, 80=2.0, 79=1.9, 78=1.8, 77=1.7, 76=1.6, 75=1.5, 74=1.4, 73=1.3, 72=1.2, 71=1.1, 70=1.0 and 69 and below equals 0.

Advanced Placement Course- 100=5.0, 99=4.9, 98=4.8, 97=4.7, 96=4.6, 95=4.5, 94=4.4, 93=4.3, 92=4.2, 91=4.1, 90=4.0, 89=3.9, 88=3.8, 87=3.7, 86=3.6, 85=3.5, 84=3.4, 83=3.3, 82=3.2, 81=3.1, 80=3.0, 79=2.9, 78=2.8, 77=2.7, 76=2.6, 75=2.5, 74=2.4, 73=2.3, 72=2.2, 71=2.1, 70=2.0 and 69 and below equals 0.

Colleges will be sent these tables when transcripts are requested.  
(Click on full student handbook at bottom of page for table conversion of students transferring in with letter grades)

Progress reports
All  students' progress, daily grades, report cards, and attendance may be monitored on Parent Portal at any time.
School  Calendar
Bad Weather Make-Up days will be at the end school unless otherwise posted.
Textbook checkout
Each teacher will assign textbooks to a student. Parents are responsible for the cost of replacing books that are lost or damaged.
Demographic Information:

Please notify the office and your child's teachers of changes any changes of address, telephone numbers, and email addresses.  
The time will be marked by digital sign in front of high school.
Students exit passenger side of car so they do not go out into traffic flow.
Students are considered a late pick up after the last car in the carpool line drives out.
Please do NOT park at drop off/pick up times UNLESS you are coming to the office to sign your child out.
Please do not try to speak with  teachers while they are on parking lot duty as they have students to attend to during those times.
If student is going home with another student or someone NOT on their pickup list, the teacher or the office must have a letter from the parent the morning on that day.

Special Education Student Handbook Statement: view full statement
The 78th Legislature amended the Texas Education Code (TEC), §26.0081, to require the Texas Education Agency to produce and give to school districts, including charter schools, a written explanation of the options and requirements for providing assistance to students who have learning difficulties or who need, or may need, special education. The explanation must state that the parent is entitled at any time to request evaluation for special education services.